1905 Vancouver Veterans Baseball

1905 Vancouver Veterans Baseball

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Royal Blue Ballpark Sky
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The Vancouver Veterans was Vancouver’s first semi-professional baseball team. The team started by playing a host of California ballclubs at Powell Street Grounds in Downtown Vancouver. The team managers convinced local backers to believe the city could support a team, then the y convinced the Northwest League to grant them a franchise. They hired John McCloskey to run the team, he was a Veteran, so he called the team The Veterans.

The Veterans played out of Recreation Park at Homer and Smithe, but folded after one season.

*Although we can pretend they wore royal blue with orange uniforms, we cannot prove it because no photos of the team exist, as far as we know.*

(Mets colours for the Vets)

Hat details:
Acrylic wool
Stretch fitted
Royal blue
Orange stitching

Xsmall (6-7)
54 cm
Small/Medium (7 to 7 1/4)
56 cm
Large/Extra Large (7 1/4 to 7 1/2)
58 cm
XXL (7 1/2 to 7 3/4)

  • XS/S 7
    6 available 100%
  • S/M 7 1/4
    9 available 100%
  • L/XL 7 1/2
    2 available 50%
  • XXL 7 3/4
    3 available 100%