Nine O'Clock Gun Hat Company


Our hats are inspired by our home. B.C.

Explore B.C. Collection:
Disconnect from the trappings of city life, connect with nature and your genuine spirit.
Make this the year you go camping, do that trek with your friends and spend more quality time with your family outdoors.
Encourage adventure.

> The Explorer (KIDS HAT)
> The Sunshine Coast - sold out
> The Fisherman - sold out
> The Bald Eagle
> The Blue Heron - sold out
> The Raven - sold out
> The Cooper's Hawk
> The Sea to Sky - sold out
> The Rockfish - sold out
> The Texada
> The Desert
> The Cabin
> The Backcountry

Next up...
The Vancouver Collection
> The Asahi Powell Street - MAY
> The Asahi Kaminishi - MAY
> The Rain City - MAY
> The B.C. - MAY