The Abby

The Abby


2022 Community Collection: ONE
The First hat in my 2022 Community Collection! I am partnering with NINE of my friends to produce limited edition pieces for each.

Featuring the Abbotsford shield patch
Abbotsford was hit by flooding in November 2021. Homes were destroyed, thousands of animals killed and the community devastated.

Lets rally behind our friends and neighbours, show your support.

This hat features the Abbotsford Shield - which has the B.C. floral symbol, a dogwood flower, in the centre.

This hat will raise alittle bit of money, but hopefully raise more in community pride and awareness of the hard working people of Abbotsford.

A portion of profits will be donated to the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund

Black hat
Abbotsford patch
Adjustable SnapBack

  • 29 available 62%