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Beavers 1908 BALLCAP

Image of Beavers 1908 BALLCAP

Hat details:
Colour - Navy
Material - Cotton
Style - Traditional ball cap
Structure - Unstructured
Size - Adult/Adjustable/Snapback
Batch number - 1
Stock - 40 units
Rating - 6.9/9
Condition - NEW

The Beavers were one of Vancouver's first baseball teams. 1908 was their inaugural season.

"In 1908 Vancouver’s baseball team changed its name and its fortunes. The Vancouver Beavers were top of the league in 1908, and would keep their new name until 1922 when the Western International League folded. The team was largely successful throughout its existence, winning the league pennant in 1911 and 1913. Bob Brown joined the team as manager in 1910 and would be hugely important in the development of baseball in Vancouver for several decades." - from website


Baseball history:
1905 - Vancouver Veterans
1907 - Vancouver Canucks
1908-22 - Vancouver Beavers