B.C. Flag

B.C. Flag

Hats shipped in May
50 units per batch

BATCH #4 - Flat brim (Sold out)
BATCH #5 - Curved brim meshback (Sold out)
BATCH #6 - 6-panel flat brim 34 in stock
BATCH #7 - ball cap strapback 46 in stock

The B.C. Flag hat is back for the 4th time over the past 3-years. This version of the flag was introduced in 1960. The previous version was a small shield with a big union jack.

Black hats
All styles
Adult sizes
All adjustable

  • Flat brim meshback
    Sold out
  • Curved brim SnapBack
    Sold out
  • 6-panel Flat Brim
    47 available 94%
  • Curved brim ball cap
    45 available 90%