The Nine O'Clock Gun Company is a Canadian sports heritage brand.

We celebrate Canada's first athletes by telling their story and bringing them back to life in each piece of unique apparel. 

Fraser and Rich started the company in 2012. Their first hat was the Vancouver Beavers 1918  (which sold out in a few weeks). They are passionate about Canadian sports and history, and The Nine O'Clock Gun Company combines both.

Their products bring a feeling of nostalgia and a sense of pride that is rooted deep into our heritage.

"Our mission is to educate, elevate and unite by saluting our heritage."

The Nine O'Clock Gun cannon booms every night like the city's heartbeat. Its a reminder of our history that refuses to be ignored. It jolts through us like thunder, taking us back to our gritty past and humble beginnings.


The Sport Gallery, Granville Island

Steveston Village Maternity, Richmond

Hunnis, Langley & Steveston

West Coast Kids, East Van

Treasure Boutique, Squamish

Little Bean, Mobile store

Museum of Vancouver

Burrard Hotel, Vancouver




Photo Credit: Amie Buttle of Missy May Bags